Machine Polishing: Miracle Money Saver

Machine Polishing: Miracle Money Saver

Why spend the money putting your car through a body shop to have panels resprayed, when it is often the case that marks are light enough to be repaired by having your car machine polished. Machine polishing will not fix dents, stone chips or severe paint damage, but will rid the paintwork of all swirls and minor scratches. Read on to find out more!

One of the amazing things about Machine polishing, or Mopping! as it is known in some circles, is the results that can be acieved.

If your vehicles paint work has lost its gloss, or, when you look at your vehicle in strong sunlight, you see that the paintwork isn't as perfect as you thought!

Sunlight will show all the imperfections in the paintwork, like minor scratches, swirl marks (from washing the vehicle incorrectly) and brush marks from driving to close to hedges, and also putting your vehicle through a car wash!

Machine polishing, will remove all these imperfections, and restore the paintwork to an as new look, or even better!

Here at GCVS we pride ourselves in this aspect of valeting/detailing, and our aim is to give your vehicle a showroom finish, good enough for a concorse display.