The Ultimate Valet

The Ultimate Valet

"The Ultimate Valet" includes our Platinum Combined Valet, 3 stage machine polish (paint correction), our Silver Seal Paint protection system, and our Silver Seal Fabric protection.

Machine polishing is a great way to improve your vehicles appearance, it will rid the paintwork of swirl marks, which are produced when washing a vehicle with a dirty sponge. Machine polishing will remove minor scratches, and restore the colour and shine to dull, faded  paintwork, dramatically improving the shine and quality of your vehicles body work. With this procedure we will go over the paintwork 3 times, until the desired affect has been achieved. 

In this valeting package, we will cover every part of your vehicle interior and exterior, not only leaving the vehicle gleaming inside and out, but also protecting both the exterior paintwork and the carpet/upholstery too.

Silver Seal's advanced polymer coating cures to the vehicle finish forming a glass-like bond which acts as a barrier preventing damage from exposure to exhaust particles, chemicals, winter road salt and Solar (UV) radiation. A specially formulated protector is applied to clean paintwork, providing a watertight seal which is impenetrable to precipitation. This invisible second skin protects your paint from rain, sun, sleet, ice and snow, leaving a striking `water bead' effect on the paintwork.

As for the interior, a unique chemical treatment is applied to the upholstery and carpets and is absorbed into the fibres of these materials. This protectant dries to create a waterproof barrier - preventing moisture penetrating the fibres. Spillages like coffee and tea bead off the material like "water off a duck's back", whilst dust, dirt and sticky sweets are easily removed. Once the protectant has been applied, the interior of your car will continue to look as good as the day it was first treated.

We will need your vehicle for 2- 3 days for this valet, thus ensuring the perfect result.

Exterior Services
  • Bodywork Wash and Wax Plus Leather Dry
  • Clay Bar to Remove Surface Contamination
  • Door and Boot Openings Cleaned
  • Engine Bay Clean and Dressing
  • Exterior Brightwork Polished
  • Exterior Rubber and Plastic Trim Revitalised
  • Machine Polish Scratch Reduction - Includes Bodywork Wash and Leather Dry
  • Tar Spots on Bodywork Removed
  • Tyre Dressing Applied
  • Upgraded Glaze, Sealant or Long-Lasting Wax
  • Wheels and Wheel Arches Fully Cleaned and Treated
  • Window Glass Polished
Interior Services
  • Carpets and Seats Vacuumed
  • Compartments and Load Area vacuumed
  • Dashboard and Centre Console Cleaned
  • Fabric Freshener Spray
  • Floor Mats Cleaned
  • Full Shampoo of Carpets
  • Full Upholstery Clean or Leather Clean & Condition
  • Headlining Cleaned
  • Interior Glass Polished
  • Rubbish Collected and Removed
  • Upholstery Cleaned to Remove Minor Stains
  • Vinyl and Plastics Cleaned and Treated

The condition of a car's paintwork
has a direct link to it's value. Silver
Seal is a guaranteed protectant for
paintwork and upholstery which
protects and adds value.

How Was Silver Seal Developed?

Silver Seal is exclusively researched, manufactured, distributed and guaranteed by Autosmart International and was extensively tested in Scandinavia, where the weather plays a huge part in paintwork deterioration.

Silver Seal Paint Protector contains Flourocarbons, a technology originally developed to help protect the exterior of spacecraft. Independent scientific tests prove that Silver Seal Paint Protector lasts longer that any other product on the market.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed with Silver Seal™

Every customer who purchases a Silver Seal application as part of The Ultimate Valet receives an individual certificate, guaranteeing the effectiveness of Silver Seal products for:

3 Years If your Car is under 25,000 miles and less than 5 years old, Silver Seal is guaranteed for 3 years from the application date
2 Years If your Car is between 25,000 and 50,000 miles and less than 5 years old, Silver Seal is guaranteed for 2 years
1 Year If your car has more than 50,000 miles on the clock or is more than 5 years old, Silver Seal is guaranteed for one year
We serve the entirity of Herefordshire and a little beyond too! Please feel free to give us a call on 07792 191 489 if you're unsure we can reach you.
Why Use GCVS

We are fully trained and can ensure that the level of technical competence and service quality is second to none. We can assure you that you will experience the very best valeting service available.

Glyn's Car Valet Service uses a modified Mercedes Vito van, which is fully equipped with everything needed including water and power.

We have a genuine love of cars and so we treat each one as we would our own, taking utmost care when working around them and doing all we can to make them as clean as possible!